Understand the Sport of Triathlon

Understand the Sport of Triathlon

If you ever thought of trying to participate in a triathlon, you certainly had the impression that it seemed impossible, even if you are an active person in your spare time. Knowing that you are not the only person who believes this, the idea of triathlon itself seems terrifying, tiring and only for professionals who have years of performance sports in the back. But it’s not as terrifying as it seems.

Today, triathlon is a very popular sport and every year thousands of women and men participate, either in search of fitness or rewarding or fun challenges. Even more interesting is the fact that triathlon competitions with a very high frequency have begun in the last years, some of them even for children.Understand the Sport of Triathlon Indeed, you can no participate in a triathlon without a training of at least 3 months in order to be prepared. But those who participate constantly enjoy beneficial effects, benefits such as: improving metabolism, slimming and toning, showing and feeling younger, more energy, cardiovascular health, more productivity, less stress, more confidence in you and optimism at maximum odds. Awesome, right?

Whether you are participating in a triathlon for the competition itself, for the benefits it has for the body or simply for fun, then you need to know a few things about this sport, which involves three tests that consist of different sports (swimming, cycling and running) and which take place without interruption, being always timed.Understand the Sport of Triathlon

In triathlon competitions, the swimming test is the shortest, but it is the one that the participants fear the most. Specialists say the secret lies in staying calm and relaxed when you swim in the competition. The worst thing is to hurry, you’ll just get tired and worst, you get into a panic. You have to keep your energy for the next evidence, so move smoothly through the water and set your own rhythm, even if you have the impression that everyone else is passing by. If you have never swum in a competition so far, you certainly need training before your first triathlon. Start 3 months ahead and call a coach to correct your movements and learn tricks to save your energy. As for the equipment, here you will need a swimsuit, a swimming helmet, and protective glasses.

Understand the Sport of TriathlonIn time, you will participate in longer and more complex competitions and for example, for an off-road triathlon, you will need a cross-country bike or mountain bike. To begin with, choose the bike that fits perfectly to your height. If you have experience in cycling, then you know that cycling shoes are a must-have, which helps you enormously save energy and improve speed and of course you will also need equipment: cycling clothing, a helmet, and cycling goggles. Do not forget that you need to train in long races before you participate in a triathlon, however simple it may seem.

Running seems the simplest test, but most people are doing it incorrectly. For this triathlon test, you will need effort, because it will seem the longest and you will feel the most tired. As equipment, you’ll need only an excellent pair of running shoes and clothes that are made from specific fabrics, so the moisture will be removed quickly and you’ll feel comfortable in the running.