Top Triathlon Training Camps UK

Top Triathlon Training Camps UK

People from around the world engage in different sporting activities. These range from internationally known and popular games to the local and traditional ones. There are festivals and competitions which take place for the promotion of the games and garner huge participation. For instance, games featured in olympics get promoted separately with local and international tournaments. These games include swimming, running, cycling, gymnastics, skating and etcetera. Top Triathlon Training Camps UKThere are extensive training run by both independent and private and state bodies to provide adequate training to people in order to enhance their expertise. Among these, there is a popular sporting event known as the Triathlon. It is taking place all across the world especially in the European countries and in North America.

Triathlon is a multi-sport race which features three different sports. It is a continuous race which follows a particular sequence as set by the organizing body. Mostly, it includes swimming, cycling and running. Triathletes partake in these fastest course competition which including specific and timed transitions between the different races. There are areas designated for transitions which store apparels, equipments and other things required in each particular race. Triathletes stop at the transitioning areas for switching from swimming to cycling and then cycling to running which make a total of two transitions. The switching time is included in the race. There are several international bodies such as International Triathlon Union which is responsible for bringing triathlon to the olympics. Other bodies include World Triathlon Corporation and International Ultra-triathlon Association which convene independent international championships.

Top Triathlon Training Camps UK

For this intense sport, there are number of triathlon training camps which are arranged by different clubs to provide training. These training camps emphasise on the athletic growth and fitness of the triathletes. In United Kingdom, there are a great many camps being organized across the country. We have enlisted 4 major camps (or camp providers) along with their details below:

1- Triathlon Hide-Away (Lake District, United Kingdom)

The Triathlon Hide-Away provides different training packages during the entire year. One can easily pick and avail the extensive training that they provide as they do not have any set dates. They have experienced trainers with a wide range of expertise. They conduct numerous sessions including pedal stroke analysis, Strala yoga, swim smooth and run-coaching.

2- Triathlon Europe (Richmond, UK)

Located in the UK, it covenes triathlon training camps throughout the year. It has expert panel of coaching which provides focused training in each area, especially swimming. It also conducts camps in other european countries. It is currently registering for a program in September 2018 in Wimbledon.

Top Triathlon Training Camps UK

3- Swim For Tri (SFT) (London, UK)

Another training organization, SFT provides extensive courses and training in its seasonal camps. These are organized in different parts of Europe. With an expert panel of trainers, it provides focused coaching to individuals with constant feedback. In its recent camp organized in Italy, it offered different packages which included travel to/from UK, accommodation and meals and other supporting amenities.

4- Challenge Tri Camp (London/Nottingham/Northampton, UK)

A well known UK-based company organizes different triathlon training camps throughout the year in different regions of Europe including UK. With its incredible set of expertise, it has wide network in among the triathletes. Currently, it is accepting registrations for its camp in Spain.