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  • A great training camp at a fantastic venue with top class coaches. It not only laid the best foundation for the next season but also recharged my batteries. The host, Tri Dynamic, played an important role in the success, with excellent service and support both before and during the camp. I am confident that with the knowledge and inspiration from the week in Scottsdale my next season will be the best ever!

    Tim, Sweden (Laying the Foundations Testing Camp, Scottsdale)
  • The knowledge that I gained about training and building a training program incorporating speed skill and increasing my economy in all three sports was more than I had ever expected. I not only learned from the coaches but everyone else that was at the camp. Martin made sure to make everything ran smoothly and set up a fantastic resort to stay in. The session with Endurance Rehab was also fantastic. I had been struggling with a nagging injury and by following their advice I am confident I will be able to train injury free this season. The bike fitter I was set up with at Bicycle Ranch was amazing. I am not only more informed about my training but I feel like I have come out of this experience with tools that would have taken years for me to learn on my own. Thank you Martin and Tri Dynamic, Joe and Joyce Friel, Adam Zucco, Endurance Rehab, and Bicycle Ranch.
    Melissa, Arizona (Laying the Foundations Testing Camp, Scottsdale)
  • The Joe Friel "Laying the Foundations Testing Camp" was the perfect way to prepare for next season. Great coaching from Joe Friel and Adam Zucco in all three sports helped highlight "limiters" that could be the focus in off-season training. Classroom discussions on nutrition, fundamentals of endurance training and fitness, and the mental aspects of racing all proved helpful. The evaluation done by Endurance Rehab was an important "check up" to help identify individual strength training exercises and the professional bike fit has helped my cycling form and comfort. Overall the camp was an ideal way to enter the off-season and it was well organized by Tri Dynamic with good administration and support throughout. Thanks for a great time.

    Nick, New York (Laying the Foundations Testing Camp, Scottsdale)
  • The Tri Dynamic/Joe Friel training and evaluation camp in Scottsdale stands head and shoulders above the other camps I have attended. The scientific, customized approach to developing the athletes is combined with good humor, a great venue and flawless execution. Getting an hour alone with Joe Friel to discuss seasonal and lifetime goals was unforgettable. The team at Endurance Rehab are simply the best in the US at identifying physical limiters and developing programs to eliminate or reduce them. I learned more about swim technique from Adam Zucco in three sessions than I had in years of Masters swim. The bike fit and VO2 testing set a great basis for next spring. Martin Boddie set up and ran the logistics with great care and a terrific attitude. Compared to the improvement you can expect next season, these camps are a bargain.

    Seamus, New York (Laying the Foundations Testing Camp, Scottsdale)
  • The Tri Dynamic Tenerife Winter Tri Camp with Joe Friel and Jim Vance was the perfect escape from my city job to go and do what I love best, Cycling! I have competed in triathlon in the past and the Swim sessions relit my passion for the water. The location, hotel, food and support were great. Training at the T3 facility with its state of the art swim flume surrounded by professional athletes was motivational. The legendary coaches, staff and participants were all passionate and friendly. Don’t be fooled though, it’s not a holiday! You will be working very hard on a Tri Dynamic
    camp and will go home with more knowledge and confidence than you ever imagined possible.

    Rachel Przybylski, (Joe Friel Tenerife Winter Triathlon Camp, Jan 2011)
  • All the effort by the Tri Dynamic team to make this a great camp were much appreciated. I leave very inspired and way ahead on my technical knowledge. I came with a goal of improving my HIM time by 15 minutes and I think I have the tools to do it!
    Rod Reynolds, Gloucestershire, (Joe Friel Tenerife Winter Triathlon Camp, Jan 2011)
  • A friend recommended the Jim Vance Swim Seminar to me and as it happened to be at my local pool I thought I would attend. I knew it would be very informative but I didn't expect to benefit too much from a group swim session. However I was amazed at how much I learned and the effect it had on my own swimming technique. Jim Vance is such an experienced and intuitive coach and to have the opportunity of him commenting personally on the way I swim and to suggest just a couple of spot on alterations has completely turned around the way I swim. I left the seminar feeling really motivated to get on with my training and to put into practice his technique suggestions. The seminar was very interesting, entertaining, well organised and most of all effective. Thank you Jim and Tri Dynamic.
    Sylvia, London, Tri Dynamic Jim Vance Jan 2011 Swim Seminars at Hampton Pool
  • The swimming clinic, led by coach and former elite triathlete, Jim Vance was a lot of fun and very well organised by the team at Tri Dynamic. Jim Vance has a totally different take on triathlon swimming technique to many more traditional coaches but this only added to the experience. Catch, pull and recovery never seemed so exciting!

    Garth Fox, London, Tri Dynamic Jim Vance Jan 2011 Swim Seminars at Hampton Pool
  • We're triathlon absolute-beginners and wanted to learn some good swimming techniques at the start of our journey. Jim Vance was fantastic - the individual feedback given was spot on and provided in a very non-judgemental and supportive manner. We both came away feeling really motivated, thank you Tri Dynamic for such an excellent session.
    Laura & Johan, London, Tri Dynamic Jim Vance Jan 2011 Swim Seminars at Hampton Pool
  • It was a great camp from start to finish. Professionally run, friendly, supportive, encouraging and tough without being a stretch too far. A big thank you to everyone involved in making my first triathlon camp such an enjoyable and memorable one.

    Vicky Robertson, Northampton Triathlon Club, Joe Friel Barcelona Women Only Triathlon Camp, Calella, Spain, April 2011
  • Just wanted to say thanks for putting on such a great camp. I think the organisation was absolutely fantastic and the coaching was second to none. I feel I got a great deal out of this week and will definitely be putting it all to use as best I can.

    Martin: the logistics were superb and well done for being so flexible in terms of groups, timings and the desires of each and every one of us. I realise it's not easy but you have both done a superb job. Hotel, restaurant, facilities and overall location were very well chosen as we had access to pretty much everything we needed. The camp is truly fantastic value for money given the quality of services and level of attention we were given throughout.Joe and Jim: thanks for all the invaluable input and for being so available to chat and discuss things with us all. I found your pedagogy and overall approach to coaching illuminating, refreshing and very much in-line with what I was looking for coming into the camp. I look forward to working with and learning from you again soon.

    Pasha Baktiar, UAE & Switzerland, Joe Friel Official Training Camp of Ironman Switzerland, Rapperswil, June 2011
  • Can you improve perfection? I personally feel the camp was superb with literally a perfect balance between training, skill work and classroom activities. Please keep doing what you do so well – providing world class coaching camps that are accessible to everyone

    Mick Proud, Durham, Joe Friel Official Training Camp of Ironman Switzerland, Rapperswil, June 2011
  • Back for the third year in a row says it all. This swimming camp is superbly organised by Tri Dynamic and combines excellent coaching from Dan Bullock with a fantastic location and top-notch facilities. The highlight is always early morning open water swimming in the sea opposite the hotel, watching the sun rise over the mountains. I know that I have taken away improvements to my technique which will hopefully translate to faster times for the third season in a row. When can I book for next year?
    Verity Westgate (3 x Tenerife Swim Faster Camp with Dan Bullock 2012, 2013, 2014)
  • A great week for focusing on stroke, feel, and awareness; in perfect facilities; with great coaching and feedback – what more could you ask for.
    Kate Nimmo (Tenerife Swim Faster Camp with Dan Bullock, 2014)
  • Tri Dynamic and Martin Boddie deliver the most complete professional camps, experienced trainers and learning environments in which to develop as an athlete at any level, from complete Swim/Tri novice through to performance refinement for AG Champions. We have already booked our next camp with them and are thoroughly looking forward to another great camp.

    Tony Baker & Loris Baker (2 x Tenerife Swim Faster Camp 2013-14)
  • A huge thanks to Darren, his team and his athletes for making us feel so incredible welcome and for imparting and sharing so much knowledge. Thanks also to Martin at Tri Dynamic, whodid a fantastic job at organizing the camp. It ran smoothly and without a hitch and was relaxed and flexible so that we got the most out of the opportunities with Darren. If you get the chance to attend a Tri Dynamic camp in the future. I can definitely recommend them and I’ll be signing up for the next one for sure!

    Laura Siddall - 3 x World AG Champ, PRO Triathlete (Darren Smith Canberra Dsquad AG Camp 2013)
  • Rob Osborne had a previous 5k PB of 17:30 and after the London event said;
    Thanks Darren, I pumped up the basketballs and ran 16:47 for 5 km this morning I'm sure the running tips helped so thanks very much! Next stop 16:30!'
    Rob Osborne, European Champs Silver (Darren Smith London Master Class 2013)
  • There were several sessions during the camp where I realized This information is worth what I paid for the camp – not once, not twice, but three times! The one-on-one meeting with Joe Friel, the session at Endurance Rehab and the swim sessions were the three things that took this camp over the top!

    Russell, Chicago (Laying the Foundations Testing Camp, Scottsdale)
  • Hi Martin and Team!

    I want to thank you and your fantastic team of Joe, Joyce and Will for the best training camp I've ever been on! Outstanding tri camp to increase the whole range of triathlon skills and fitness with expert tuition!

    Patrick Crookall (Mallorca Tri Camp with Joe Friel & Will Newbery 2014)
  • An amazing week with lots of learning and great organisation. I left the camp as a more confident and strong triathlete, thank you!
    Bella Magnusson (Mallorca Tri Camp with Joe Friel & Will Newbery 2014)
  • Thank you Martin and Tri Dynamic. What an amazing week and escape from reality. As a mother of 3, I was able to leave my ‘normal’ life behind and concentrate on my passion – Triathlon. The organisation was impeccable from the moment we were picked up at the airport right through to the very end. The sessions were well balanced and suitable for all level of triathlete. New friendships were made and the standard of coaching superb.

    Cara Cunniff (Mallorca Tri Camp with Joe Friel & Will Newbery 2014)
  • I joined the Tri Dynamic Joe Friel & Will Newbery Mallorca Tri Camp as an experienced triathlete. I went there with the expectation of some dedicated training which was delivered – however I also learnt a lot of new skills – particularly in the swimming pool - that was a welcome surprise and demonstrates that there is always something new to learn. This is a quality training camp that is worth every penny.

    David Ardley (Mallorca Tri Camp with Joe Friel & Will Newbery 2014)
  • Joe Friel did a great job with his expertise, especially with his sincere interest in improving the abilities of every single athlete. I also think the tips and coaching that Will Newbery gave us were invaluable. I am looking forward to hear more from him (he’s my online trainer now).

    Dominique Chappuis (Mallorca Tri Camp with Joe Friel & Will Newbery 2014)
  • I was obviously apprehensive attending the camp being new to triathlons and having done little training if any for the last thirty years. The camp had a great sense of camaraderie and worked well for everyone regardless of their ability which is an incredible achievement.

    Huw James (Mallorca Tri Camp with Joe Friel & Will Newbery 2014)
  • The best camp I have ever been on, thank you.
    When can I book for next year!

    Phil Morton (Mallorca Tri Camp with Joe Friel & Will Newbery 2014)
  • I had a really enjoyable time. Having a concentrated period of swimming got my stroke and times much improved over the course of the week compared to swimming on my own, thank you!The warm weather was a great break from the UK too.

    Simon Hazel (Tenerife Swim Faster Camp with Dan Bullock 2014)
  • I had a really enjoyable time. Having a concentrated period of swimming got my stroke and times much improved over the course of the week compared to swimming on my own, thank you!The warm weather was a great break from the UK too.

    Simon Hazel (Tenerife Swim Faster Camp with Dan Bullock 2014)
  • Thank you for a great week. I know you weren’t responsible for the beautiful weather, but as everything else was so well organised it wouldn’t surprise me if that was down to you too! My swim times have improved, my technique has improved and I have a tan In February! All good!

    Sylvia (Tenerife Swim Faster Camp with Dan Bullock 2014)
  • I got a kick out of working with those who attended the Tri Dynamic training weekend in London because the enthusiasm from the participants was infectious and frankly it was pretty easy to make some really significant changes in such a short period of time. Bang for bucks, both time and energy is good for everyone.

    Darren Smith - Elite Coach Dsquad
  • I have to dig a bit deeper to find areas to improve with some of the world class elites I work with. So getting such big changes in a short time frame on the London training event and seeing the new skills being implemented was great fun. It was great to see the smile and looks of intrigue that meant the athletes had just “clicked”.
    Darren Smith - Elite Coach Dsquad
  • Fantastic camp expertly organised by Martin. Highlights were the excellent location and cycling terrain, excellent coach in Joe Friel who was superbly assisted by Rob Griffiths, the great company of Joyce and the wonderful bunch of keen and enthusiastic people that made it that much more enjoyable and special. Loved it!!

    Sean Lamprecht (Mallorca Tri Camp with Joe Friel & Rob Griffiths 2013)
  • Not only was the camp a fantastic experience but for me as a novice I found that even though Joe Friel is a legend, who was able to teach the best in the world, he took care of us as if we were his prospects, each of us to our own capabilities. It was also paramount to have someone like Will Newbery coaching us because he is competing at a high level and complimented Joe's reaching very well. Thank you!
    Jacques Desnoyers (Italian Tri Camp with Joe Friel & Will Newbery 2013)
  • The Tri Dynamic Italian training camp is the perfect camp for athletes wanting to learn and grow in all areas of the sport. This focussed week of training and learning certainly helped each athlete get closer to achieving their goals for this race season!
    Lee-Ann Wearing (Italian tri Camp with Joe Friel & Will Newbery 2013)
  • Thank you to Tri Dynamic and Dan Bullock for another fantastic swim camp in sunny Tenerife. I could feel improvements after just two sessions in the water, and I am sure that I now have the skills at my disposal to get under the hour for 3.8k!

    Verity Westgate (Tenerife Swim Faster Camp with Dan Bullock 2013)
  • I had a great time and met some wonderful people. Thank you!
    Caroline Whitaker (Andalucía Tri Camp with Joe Friel & Rob Griffiths 2012)
  • The camp was a great experience and I have learned a lot from a skill point of view but also personally in close contact with other participants. The group was an amazing bunch of people, very open and approachable and that definitely made the camp a great success. The coaches did a great job and I very much appreciated also the time they provided to athletes personally.

    Karin Baechle (Andalucía Tri Camp with Joe Friel & Rob Griffiths 2012)
  • Thank you Martin! I think that not only the camp was a complete success, but also that you are a very special and caring person that discovered a new niche in the Sport and training, your strength being recruiting excellent coaches and people and selecting locations that are new to the world of triathlon.
    Ludovica Bruno (Andalucía Tri Camp with Joe Friel & Rob Griffiths 2012)
  • What a fabulous experience. Martin put on an outstanding camp, excellent, inspiring coaching, lovely location & facilities, outstanding accommodation. The generous, thoughtful nature of every member of his team made the week hugely rewarding and enjoyable. I was very impressed by the ability of the team to cater their training to a wide variety of abilities and satisfy al-comers. I cannot recommend Tri Dynamic highly enough! Check out my camp report on the Tri Anglia Club website.

    Sarah Cooper (Andalucía Tri Camp with Joe Friel & Rob Griffiths 2012)
  • Thank you very much for organising such a fantastic camp – it couldn’t have been bettered, and I am eagerly anticipating the announcement of a similar camp for next year.
    Verity Westgate, (Tenerife Swim Faster Camp with Dan Bullock 2012)

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