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Coaches Top Tip

  • Try hard or perform well? Which is preferred for your brain surgeon? It's the same for athletes. Train for performance, not effort.
  • In the spring you may begin to feel bullet-proof. Resist the temptation to leap tall buildings. Patience!
  • The harder your hard workouts, the easier your easy ones.
  • Want to be excellent? Everyone has the desire to excel; few have the will to make it happen.
  • You can't make a tired muscle stronger. You can only improve its endurance.
  • Being 100% healthy is more important than being 100% fit. Don't force it in the early stages of injury or illness. Back off.
  • For the experienced athlete, intensity, not volume, is the key.
  • I discover who I am when I race.
  • Training your muscles is much more important than training your heart.
  • Training is science. Racing is art.
  • True champions win, but they also know how to lose.
  • Swimmers, golfers and tennis players practice skills daily. Too many runners and cyclists just run and ride.
  • Everyone has the will to win. It's the will to work that makes winners.
  • The closer to your A-priority race the less important volume becomes and the more important intensity & duration become.
  • Focus on the process, not the outcome.
  • The 2 main elements of recovery are sleep and nutrition. Neglect either and recovery is prolonged.
  • Whether you're a pro or novice, only 3 things can be changed in workouts: frequency (how often), intensity (how hard), duration (how long).
  • When you come into top form you experience physical changes that border on astonishing.
  • Do you accept setbacks as steps on the way to success or as signs you simply can't do it?
  • Discipline: how important to you are nutrition, sleep, periodization, goal setting, sport skills, attitude, health, strength?
  • What does it take to be mentally tough for sport? Dedication. Discipline. Confidence. Perseverance.
  • The most common mistake athletes make? Not enough rest. Rest is when fitness happens.
  • No dreams, no goals and no priorities means permanent mediocrity.
  • The bigger your athletic goals, the more your lifestyle must be focused on achieving them.
  • Most athletes don't get how important movement economy is. Most would go faster from improved economy than from improved VO2max.
  • As you approach race day your training should become more like the race. This is the foundation of periodization.
  • The common denominator for all of the best athletes I have known is a 'can-do' attitude.
  • Four words are the keys to success for top performers: Just a little more.
  • Good athletes don't become good by training randomly. You need a plan to achieve your goals and purpose for each workout.
  • Do the least amount of most specific training at appropriate times that produces the desired results. All else is overtraining.
  • I see many goals that are actually wishes - vague desires for grand achievements that are poorly defined. Clarity is needed for success.
  • Recovery is just as important as a hard workout. Train hard. Rest harder.
  • Racing is how I find out who I am, what my limits are, and how I can overcome them.
  • Best way to improve running? Frequency. Most common cause of running injuries? Frequency.
  • A hard workout only creates the potential for fitness. It's realized when you allow for recovery.
  • Peak athletic success takes months and years, not hours and days. Be patient and train consistently.
  • High frequency improves sport skill efficiency. High duration does the opposite.
  • Consistent and moderate training are the keys to success in endurance sport.
  • To run or climb faster remove excess weight, increase muscular power, or, preferably, both. It's hard to be fast dragging an anchor.
  • 1 pound of excess fat costs roughly 1.5 watts on a climb and 2 seconds per mile when running a 10k.
  • The fastest way to raise your VO2max is to lose excess weight.
  • If you haven't changed your mind on how you train in 2 years, check your pulse. You may be dead.
  • In order to find your limits, it is sometimes necessary to exceed them. But rarely.

Kona Quest with Joe Friel & Special Guest Darren Smith - Kona, Hawaii 

Start Date: 10 Oct 2012 Duration: 7 days

Triathlon Camp


Registration for this event is by application only. There are only 8 slots available worldwide. In order to be considered please EMAIL US HERE your sporting CV, previous results and times, triathlon career ambitions and why you should be selected to attend this camp. Joe Friel will then personally select the successful qualifiers to attend this unique camp.

Tri Dynamic and US coaching guru Joe Friel have teamed up once again to offer a truly unique new camp based around Kona this October 10-14. The 4 day Kona Quest Camp with Joe Friel will give athletes and triathlon fans alike an amazing opportunity to spend 5 memorable days on the Big Island in the company of Joe Friel as well as having the chance to swim, bike and run on the different sections of the world famous course each day. Joe Friel will personally select the attendees based an application process, making this a truly exclusive event.

We are also delighted to have Elite Coach Darren Smith join this unique camp as Special Guest as well as Dr Liz Broad, Sport Dietician, Australian Institute of Sport and Team Dietician for Darren's world famous 'D Squad' which will have 6 athletes racing at the London 2012 Olympics including Lisa Norden, Sarah Groff and GB's Vicky Holland. Participants on this unique camp will also hsvr the opportunity to learn from other world class Special Guest speakers including Boston Marathon legend Uta Pippig, BLUE Competition Cycles Head Bike Designer & Aerodynamics expert Mike Giraud and TrainingBible Coaching M.D. Dr John Post.

The Kona Quest will culminate with watching the main event unfold with Joe Friel from key vantage points which you will be transferred to around the course on race day. Joe Friel has written the best-selling books The Triathlete’s Training Bible, Going Long and Your Best Triathlon and has been going to Kona for most of the last 20 years and has a wealth of experience of all the best places to watch the race from.


The Official base for this once in a lifetime experience will be the luxurious 4* Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa, right on the Pacific Ocean, a few miles south of Ali’i Drive and Dig Me Beach. You will have the choice from Ocean Front Rooms or Ocean View Rooms. The resort is where Craig Alexander stays when he is in Kona and is just 20 minutes away from Kona International Airport (KOA) a few minutes from the historic Kailua village. Joe Friel will be coaching every swim, bike and run session which will all set off from the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa. He will also personally be leading the bike rides as he always enjoys doing on Tri Dynamic camps. Each athlete will receive lots of personal attention and coaching from Joe and be able to personally benefit from his knowledge of the race. Friends and family of camp participants are very welcome to come along too, Kona is the perfect venue for a vacation, please email us for more info.

Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spac

During the Kona Quest with Joe Friel transportation will be laid on for participants and their bikes to the various landmark points around the race course so that by the end of this event you will know exactly what it is like to train and race on the course and what to expect come race day all under the watchful guidance of Joe Friel. There will be classroom sessions each evening with Joe Friel covering what it takes to train and qualify for Kona. If Kona is your ultimate goal, or if you have raced before but feel you still have work to do, then this is the perfect opportunity for you and one step closer to realizing your dreams.

For anyone wanting to extend their stay either before or after OCT 10-14 Tri Dynamic can take care of that and they have secured a preferential rate for participants on this camp. But you better hurry as there are only 8 places available which will fill fast. Getting accommodation for Kona is very difficult often being sold out up to 6 months in advance. Registration is by application only with Joe Friel making the selection, so it is advisable to get in early and secure one of limited number of places available for this unique experience with Joe Friel.

Throughout the 4 days athletes will get to swim the course as well as bike and run on different key sections of the race course with Joe Friel so they are familiar with what it takes to race well and succeed at Kona. On race day participants will benefit from Joe Friel’s 20 years’ experience of visiting the Big Island each October and will be transported around to several of the best vantage points to really soak up the special atmosphere of this awe-inspiring event. You really will have an insider’s view point of the race by spending time with Joe Friel.

Just like the athletes, race day will involve rising early to witness the amazing race start as the cannon goes off with Joe Friel on the pier wall as the best professional and amateurs in the world go into battle on the most famous course of them all. Then you will be privately transported to various points around the race course and back into Kona to watch the athletes finish right up until the magical midnight cut off. It will be an amazing and inspirational day.

The event will be limited to a maximum of 8 participants/athletes to ensure each qualifying athlete receives a very high level of individual coaching and mentoring from Joe Friel. You will also get to experience the unique atmosphere associated with the most exciting week in world triathlon surrounded by the best athletes in the world all preparing for the most important day in their careers. This is not an event just for elites, you may be be close to qualifying for your age group, or you may simply dream of qualifying but relish the prospect of spending time with a world class coach and watching the best triathletes in the world battle it out on the most famous course there is. Joe Friel will decide on who the 8 attendees are based on all applications received and your passion for the sport of triathlon. During the week you will swim, bike and run on the same course as the best in the sport who you will see preparing on the course each day leading up to race day. 2011 champion Chris McCormack is coming back to Kona this year for another shot at the title!

What is included in the Kona Race Week Experience with Joe Friel
-Return airport transfers for you and your bike on *OCT 10 and OCT 14 from Kona International Airport (KOA) and take you to the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa. *Additional nights can be arranged for Kona Quest participants via Tri Dynamic at preferential rates (see below) and subsequent airport transfers.
-4 nights hotel accommodation staying at the 4* Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa including the following daily resort benefits: free self-parking, free in-room high speed Wi-Fi, unlimited local and 1-800 calls, 30 minutes of inter-island and continental US calls, 2 bottles of Hawaiian Spring water, 2 manta punch cocktails per stay, use of the Keauhou-Kona trolley, yoga classes on MON & THU evenings, cultural tours on TUE/THU mornings/FRI evenings.
-Fully coached and supported swims, bikes and runs with Joe Friel on the course
-Transfers around the island to key points on the course and vehicle support on the bike
-Evening classroom sessions with Joe Friel on key topics to race well at Kona
-Exclusive offers from Tri Dynamic Official Camp Partners Blue Competition Cycles, Skinfit, PowerBar, PowerTap, TheTriTouch and more.

What is not included on Kona Race Week Experience with Joe Friel
-All Meals will be your own responsibility and are not included meaning you can enjoy the local restaurants and bars which Kona has to offer. There will be opportunities for the group to eat together including on race day.
-Flights to KOA Kona International Airport are your own responsibility
-Additional night’s accommodation outside of the OCT 10-14 event staying at the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa.Tri Dynamic can arrange for additional night’s accommodation for you staying either side of the camp for those wishing to extend their vacation and enjoy exploring the Big Island of Hawaii. contact us for more details

For your chance to experience the Tri Dynamic Kona Quest with Joe Friel visit and apply today. See you on the Big Island in OCT! Mahalo!

The Official base for this once in a lifetime experience will be the luxurious 4* Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa, right on the Pacific Ocean, a few miles south of Ali’i Dr
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