Joe Friel Scottsdale Laying the Foundations Testing Camp  

Start Date: 22 Oct 2010 Duration: 7 days

Triathlon Camp

Tri Dynamic are proud to present the first in our series of exclusive Triathlon Training Camps with the legendary Tri Coach and author of the Triathletes Training Bible, Joe Friel.
This 'personal' camp is designed specifically for triathletes to learn from Joe Friel on a very high attention camp limited to 20 places. If you are doing an early season Iron distance race next year, this camp would be perfect for you. The time to be making changes to your training and technique is now. This ensures that you have adequate time to make physical adaptations based on Joe Friel and his team's recommendations in order to be faster and stronger next season. There will also be some exclusive testing sessions and analysis with some of the best Physical Therapists in the US right now, Nathan Koch & Wolfgang Oswald of Endurance Rehabilitation. They work with Olympians, professional Ironman triathletes and cyclists. You will also get a professional bike fit from Bicycle Ranch's Chris Pulleyn. Here is what Joe Friel has said about this Camp:‘This fall - October 22-29, 2010 - I'm presenting a triathlon camp in Scottsdale, Arizona where I spend my winters. This is not your standard swim-bike-run camp. It focuses on exactly what I do with the athletes I coach at the start of their winter training. Each athlete is tested for VO2max and physiological metrics. Each also has a physical assessment by a physical therapist. I also have a bike fit done for them by a professional fitter. We work on their speed skills in all three sports using video analysis. And finally we spend a lot of time discussing the keys to their success involving mental skills, nutrition, understanding the training program they will follow and much more. By the time the camp is done I always feel as if we are a great deal closer to achieving the athlete's goals. I think you'll feel that way, also.' **Please note that there is a special price for TrainingBible Coaching Athletes. You will be asked to confirm the name of your TBC Coach.
Scottsdale in late October is beautiful. Temperatures are typically in the 70s and 80s (20-30C) with gentle breezes and blue skies. You'll stay at a quality local resort.
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