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Darren Smith Land Training Video Guide Part 2 (Ft. Jodie Stimpson) (6:41)

Darren Smith


Elite Coach Darren Smith describes more advanced core strengthening exercises that his Dsquad athletes use regularly in training. Demonstrated by Commonwealth Games Triathlon Champion and World #4 Jodie Stimpson.

Land Training 4 with Darren Smith & Jodie Stimpson
Hip & stability exercises
Duration (1:31)

Land Training 5 with Darren Smith & Jodie Stimpson
Core & glute max exercises
Duration (1:21)

3   Land Training 6 with Darren Smith & Jodie Stimpson
Running & cycling lunge, single leg lunge, balance thighs, proprioception and glutes
Duration (2:00)

Land Training 7 with Darren Smith & Jodie Stimpson
Shoulder health, scapula and lats, internal and external range, simple & effective exercises
Duration (2:05) 




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