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Darren Smith Land Training Video Guide Part 1 (Ft. Jodie Stimpson) (6:36)

Darren Smith


      Core work and strength and conditioning is crucial for the Dsquad to perform at their best consistently over the race season. We have a full time rehab and strength and conditioning consultant who travels all over the world with us to make sure that our athletes stay healthy, avoid injury and perform to their ability. Here are a few important routines which you can incorporate into your training to help you improve.

Elite Coach Darren Smith talks through some important core exercises he has his Dsquad athletes practice to remain in optimum condition. With Commonwealth Games Champion and World #4 Jodie Stimpson demonstrating.

Land Training 1 with Darren Smith & Jodie Stimpson
Basic but effective exercises for time poor athletes, plank & advanced plank exercises.
Duration (2:52)

2)    Land Training 2 with Darren Smith & Jodie Stimpson
Side press, side & core exercises
Duration (1:20)

3)    Land Training 3 with Darren Smith & Jodie Stimpson
Core & glute exercises 
Duration (2:36)


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