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Darren Smith Swim Technique Video Guide - Part 2 (17:19)

Darren Smith



This is the next development in what I teach my own Dsquad athletes. Building on what we covered in Swim Technique Video Guide 1, if you can master the following 4 skills you will begin to get the most out of each stroke and see improvements in efficiency and your times. Let's keep it simple and remember you can go back and watch any of your other videos in your account for a refresher. Try watching these videos just before you go to the pool so they are fresh in your memory.
(Swim Technique Video Guide Part 2 includes Swim Technique 5, 6, 7 & 8 which can also be purchased separately if you just want to work on one part at a time).

Darren Smith Swim Technique 5 (Duration: 4:54)
Propulsion phase, application of forces, moving body forward, graduated pressure throughout the stroke

Darren Smith Swim Technique 6 (Duration 3:35)
Breathing tips, timing, how to keep body position central, bilateral breathing, adapting to your environment, observing competitors and responding to environmental factors such as sun, currents.

Darren Smith Swim Technique 7 (Duration 4:18)
Kicking: Hips and legs, kicking & timing with upper body, 2 beat and 6 beat kick timings.

Darren Smith Swim Technique 8 (Duration 4:54)
Dealing with fear of OWS, straight swimming, start position, close proximity swimming acclimatisation, reading the race course and other tips from the Dsquad.


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