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Darren Smith Swim Technique Video Guide - Part 1 (7:01)

Darren Smith


Let's keep this simple. This is exactly what I teach my new Dsquad athletes. No point in complicating things.These are the first 4 things you need to get right in order to be able to progress to Swim Video Technique Guide 2 when we will cover some more advanced techniques. Try watching these videos just before you go to the pool next time so they are fresh in your mind. Save the video to your own Tri Dynamic account so you can watch this whenever you want. And when you're at it throw in some articles for reading later.

Darren Smith Swim Technique 1
Minimising drag, body position (chest)
Duration: 1:26

Darren Smith Swim Technique 2
Entry to water (arms) and frontal surface drag
Duration: 0:56

Darren Smith Swim Technique 3
Body position, cylinder & crossing the centre line
Duration 1:36

Darren Smith Swim Technique 4
Fundamentals of recovery and the catch utilising ‘The Bowler’ for correct recovery, delivery and catch in one easy step.
Duration 2:39

(Want More? Darren Smith Swim Technique Video Guide Part 2 includes Swim Technique 5, 6, 7 & 8 which can also be purchased together as a great value bundle for £5.99).

Now you are ready for the next stage: Swim Video Technique Guide 2.


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